All-in-one training and nutrition software for personal trainers

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Personalized training and nutrition, now within reach


Your own branded app for coaching your clients

Discover how FITsociety’s Coaching App can transform your business. With the app, you can personalize your offerings with your own branding. Provide clients with customized training and nutrition plans, track their progress in real-time, and enhance communication through direct chat capabilities.

  • Strengthen your brand identity with the ultimate customer experience.
  • All-in-one coaching software: no more paperwork or external apps.
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Customized training & nutrition plans for your clients

With FITsociety software for training and nutrition plans, you can elevate your coaching to the next level. Create personalized training and nutrition plans tailored to the individual goals and needs of your clients. The user-friendly app allows you to track real-time progress and communicate directly, enabling more effective coaching. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced coach, these tools provide everything you need for successful fitness and nutrition guidance.

  • Access over 1,000 fitness exercises.
  • Explore more than 2,000 recipes and over 50,000 products.
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Efficiency management: membership administration and automatic payments

Simplify Your Payments with FITsociety Software. With the Mollie integration, you can enjoy simple and versatile payment options, including iDeal and automatic debit. Automatic invoicing ensures streamlined financial management, while you also have the option for manual invoicing. This all-in-one solution not only offers financial efficiency but also enhances customer communication through FITsociety Messenger and group chats.

  • Subscription management and allocation of punch cards
  • Integration with Mollie for iDeal and automatic debit, among others
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Discover how FITsociety software can help your business grow

Excited to get started? Try the new FITsociety software now for 14 days free and experience the benefits of the all-in-one training and nutrition software.

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Save time

Efficient solutions that save you valuable time, every day.

Professionalize your company

Increase your professionalism and distinguish yourself from the competition with your own app.

Create an overview

Get a clear overview of your business activities for better decision making.

Satisfied customers speak for us

Ellen Hofmans

"By using FITsociety I have an overview. Online coaching, administration and agenda for offline coaching, all in one. The quick switch when you would like to see something different in how the app works is very nice!"

Tom Dekker

"Using the app is easy and offers numerous options. More than sufficient for our business, as well as easy communication and smooth handling of problems. I recommend this to every personal trainer or online coach"

Serapis Janga

"A great app where supply and demand indeed come together. Nutrition, training schedules and live chats with clients are easy to track. Great app! Definitely recommended for trainers and athletes looking for trainers."