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About FITsociety

Started as a fitness and health blog in 2009, FITsociety has evolved into a leading platform in the fitness software industry. With our passion for health and fitness, we have created a tool that enables fitness professionals to excel in their field.

Our Mission

At FITsociety we believe that every fitness professional should have the tools to properly guide their clients. Our mission is to create an environment in which trainers and their clients can achieve success together towards a healthy and vital life. We strive to set the standard for professional fitness guidance by providing innovative, easy-to-use software.

What We Offer

The FITsociety Software and App are designed to support trainers in professionally guiding their clients. With FITsociety's solutions, trainers can create personalized nutrition and training plans, maintain efficient membership administration, schedule lessons and offer various payment options, including iDeal and direct debit.

How you can make a difference with FITsociety

Make your coaching personal

Create tailor-made nutrition and training plans for optimal customer support.

Efficient membership management

Easily manage all customer data within one clear interface.

Flexible booking options

Plan lessons effortlessly and manage your agenda efficiently.

Versatile payment options

Use various payment methods for the convenience of you and your customers.

Progress and goal setting

Track client progress and adjust schedules for maximum results.

Effective communication

Communicate easily with customers via the FITsociety Messenger.

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