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Customized training schedules via the FITsociety App

Increase the training results of your customers with the FITsociety App. This tool allows users to track their daily workouts and add personalized exercises for effective progression. Develop and assign customized training plans to support clients in achieving their fitness goals. With the option to add your own exercises, the app provides a completely personalized training experience, tailored to each customer’s unique needs and goals.

Training schedules

A strong body starts with a smart plan: Maximize results with personalized training plans via the FITsociety App

Training schedules1

Get access to more than 3.000 fitness exercises

Efficiently create and assign schedules thanks to FITsociety’s extensive database of fitness exercises.

  • Personalize training for individual customer goals.
  • Different exercises for all training objectives.
  • User-friendly navigation and search of an extensive training database.
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Training schedules2

Create training schedule templates for efficient guidance

Coaches can easily create and assign training plan templates for different fitness goals. This increases efficiency and saves time.

  • Easy creation of training plan templates.
  • Quickly and easily assign to different customers.
  • Customizable for different fitness goals and needs.
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Training schedules3

Direct communication with your customer

Customers can share their training results and feedback with their coach via the app, which provides valuable insights into training habits and helps optimize training advice.

  • Encourages responsibility and involvement with customers.
  • Direct feedback and communication between coaches and clients.
  • Identifies strengths and areas for improvement in training habits.
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Training schedules4

Track your customers training progress

Customers can track their workouts daily in the app, allowing them to easily monitor their progress and performance. In addition, it is essential for effective coaching.

  • Real-time monitoring of customer performance.
  • Tracking progress on specific exercises.
  • Promotes awareness of exercise routines and performance.
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Training schedules5

Add your own exercises for personal coaching

Coaches can enrich their coaching by adding their own exercises and instructional videos in the app, which contributes to more personalized training guidance.

  • Increases personalization in training advice.
  • Offers varied and creative training options.
  • Upload your own videos and instructions for exercises.
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Frequently asked Questions

The most frequently asked questions from new customers.

Yes, you can develop and assign customized training plans to clients.

The app provides real-time monitoring of client performance and progress on specific exercises.

Yes, customers can share their results and feedback through the app for better guidance.

Yes, coaches can enrich their coaching by adding their own exercises and instructional videos.

Coaches can easily create training plan templates and assign them to different clients.

The app provides access to more than 1.000 fitness exercises for various training goals.

Yes, the app encourages direct feedback and communication between coaches and clients.

Yes, training plans are completely customizable to meet each client's unique goals and needs.

Yes, the app has a variety of exercises suitable for all training goals.

The app makes managing customer data and tracking their progress easy and efficient.