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The most complete software package for personal trainers without contracts or start-up costs.
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  • Unrestricted access to all features
  • An iOS/Android app to guide your customers and professionalize your business
  • Create personalized nutrition and training plans in no time
  • A user-friendly membership administration environment in which you can see all your customer data at a glance
  • Easily book classes and have them paid in your FITsociety agenda
  • Payments via iDeal, direct debit, strip cards and discount codes
  • Track the progress of your customers
  • ⁠Communication via the FITsociety Messenger
  • ⁠And much more…

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All in one FITsociety

Enter the world of streamlined fitness and nutrition guidance with FITsociety's all-in-one software solution. The FITsociety software is designed for ambitious personal trainers and offers you the opportunity to simplify and professionalize your business operations.

Try 14 days for free

  • Personalized environment within the FITsociety App
  • Professionalize your company & improve your coaching
  • Gain insight into your customer’s progress
  • Be in direct contact with your customer
  • Your own app in the App stores possible with your logo

  • More than 2,000 meals
  • More than 50,000 foods
  • Customers can track nutrition daily
  • Take photos of eating moments
  • Add your own meals
  • Set dining preferences

  • More than 1,000 fitness exercises
  • Create training schedule templates
  • Reuse schemas & easy to assign
  • Customers can track training on a daily basis
  • Add your own exercises

  • Setting goals & monitor
  • Motivation & receive daily notes
  • Keep track of sleep, steps and water
  • Send intake form in the app
  • Checkup form + Automatic notification

  • Create and assign subscriptions
  • Easily receive payments
  • Manual & automatic invoicing
  • Link and maintain strip cards
  • Link with Mollie for iDeal & direct debit
  • Communication via the FITsociety Messenger
  • Group chat options
  • Sell physical products in the app
  • Add multiple coaches to an account

  • Lesson schedule available in the app
  • Schedule personal training sessions
  • Create group lessons & schedule
  • Create multiple locations
  • Manage logins and logouts

  • Fantastic support via chat, email or telephone
  • Help transferring or starting your account
  • Add unlimited members
  • Own personalized app included
  • We continue to work on new features and you can be involved in new features to be developed via the FITsociety wishlist

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Try 14 days for free

Frequently asked questions

The most frequently asked questions from new customers.

No, you can cancel with us on a monthly basis. The subscription starts after the free trial period. If you want to cancel, you can do so by email.

At FITsociety you do not pay per customer, you can coach an unlimited number of customers in your account.

Yes, we have a link with Mollie. After your account has been approved, you can receive payments via your chosen payment methods.

In this case, please contact us and together we will see how you can use FITsociety optimally.

Once you are logged in, you can complete your profile in the account. Once all fields have been completed, you will be online within a few working days!

Satisfied customers speak for us

Ellen Hofmans

"By using FITsociety I have an overview. Online coaching, administration and agenda for offline coaching, all in one. The quick switch when you would like to see something different in how the app works is very nice!"

Tom Dekker

"Using the app is easy and offers plenty of options. More than sufficient for our business, as well as easy communication and smooth handling of problems. I recommend this to every personal trainer or online coach"

Serapis Janga

"A great app where supply and demand indeed come together. Nutrition, training schedules and live chats with clients are easy to track. Great app! Definitely recommended for trainers and athletes looking for trainers."

Claudio Fray

"I have used quite a few coaching platforms, which makes it easy for me to say that FITsociety is indispensable for any online coach who wants to give his or her clients the best!"

Bas Maas

"FITsociety enables me to get in touch with new clients and helps me to coach my clients with more insight."

Stan Anneveldt

"With the FITsociety coaching platform I quickly see how my clients train and eat and I can also coach them when I am not present next to my clients in the gym."