Optimize your planning with the FITsociety Agenda

With the FITsociety Agenda function you can effortlessly maintain an overview of the class schedule, plan personal training sessions, organize group lessons, manage multiple locations and easily register registrations and cancellations. It is an efficient solution for your planning, helping you manage your fitness activities smoothly.


Every successful day starts with thoughtful planning. The FITsociety Agenda will help you with this


Class schedule available in the app

With the available class schedule in the FITsociety App, you can easily keep track of which classes and training sessions have been booked.

  • Always up-to-date class schedule.
  • Minimize confusion about class times.
  • Allow customers to easily book sessions.
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Schedule personal training sessions

Customers can see which sessions have been scheduled and which times are still available. Based on this, they can easily schedule one-on-one sessions with you via the app.

  • Flexible scheduling of sessions.
  • Time saving for coaches.
  • Clear planning overviews.
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Create and schedule group lessons

Effortlessly organize and plan group lessons with the FITsociety App, allowing you to effectively manage group training and motivate customers.

  • Easily create group lessons.
  • Flexible class schedule for groups.
  • Optimized for trainers.
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Work with multiple coaches in one account

With the FITsociety App, trainers can effortlessly manage multiple locations.

  • Optimized for trainers with multiple locations.
  • Efficiency in location planning.
  • Also easy to use for multiple rooms.
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Manage logins and unsubscribes

Efficient management of registrations and deregistrations with the FITsociety App, so that classes are never empty again and customers are better informed.

  • Overview of available places.
  • Avoid overcrowded or empty classes.
  • Customers can easily log in and out.
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Frequently asked Questions

The most frequently asked questions from new customers.

The FITsociety Agenda offers an always up-to-date class schedule in the app, making it easy to keep track of which classes and training sessions have been booked and minimizing confusion about class times.

Yes, customers can see which sessions are scheduled and what times are available, making it easy to schedule one-on-one sessions.

Yes, you can easily create and schedule group classes, which simplifies group training management and motivates customers.

Yes, the app is optimized for trainers who manage multiple locations, ensuring efficiency in location planning.

The app offers efficient management of registrations and deregistrations, giving you an overview of available places and preventing overcrowded or empty classes.

Yes, the FITsociety Agenda helps optimize your planning by providing an overview of the class schedule and facilitating the management of registrations and cancellations.

By providing an integrated system for managing classes, training sessions and locations, the FITsociety Agenda helps you work more efficiently and manage your time better.