Your own app to guide your customers and professionalize your business

Discover the possibilities of the FITsociety App to strengthen your coaching and business. Effortlessly manage customer data, track progress and offer both personalized training and nutrition plans. This user-friendly app helps you save time and improve your services. A smart choice for the progressive fitness professional.


Boost your business with the FITsociety App: personalized, professional and always connected, on iOS and Android


Personalized environment within the FITsociety App

Personalize the FITsociety App with your own style: add your logo, background and coaches for the ultimate customer experience.

  • Add your own logo for instant brand recognition.
  • Personalize the app with your company colors or a unique background.
  • Strengthen your brand identity with the optimal customer experience.
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Professionalize your company & improve your coaching

Increase your professionalism and efficiency with FITsociety: one platform for all your coaching needs, including your own app with your branding.

  • All-in-one coaching software: no more paper or external apps.
  • Your own app in the App Stores strengthens your brand image.
  • Streamlined customer support for maximum efficiency.
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Gain insight into your customer's progress

Monitor your clients’ progress closely with real-time updates and detailed reports in the FITsociety App.

  • Real-time customer performance tracking.
  • Insight into training and nutrition results.
  • Direct feedback options for customers.
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Be in direct contact with your customer

Improve communication: Chat with your customers one-on-one or in groups for effective, direct guidance.

  • Direct one-on-one chats for personal guidance.
  • Group chat functionality for a sense of community.
  • All communication in one place, no need for other apps.
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Own app in the App stores possible with your logo

Strengthen your brand with your own app in the App Stores, with your logo for a unique customer experience.

  • Strengthen your brand identity and professionalism.
  • Create a unique and recognizable customer experience.
  • Increase your visibility in the iOS and Android App Stores.
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Frequently asked Questions

The most frequently asked questions from new customers.

The progress of your customers is measured in different ways. Customers can use the app to enter water intake, track steps, measure sleep, enter nutrition, write daily notes, track training, enter daily measurements and upload photos of eating moments and measurements.

In the online coaching environment you can easily adjust your logo and corporate identity. Once you have adjusted it there, your customers will see it in the app.

You can start a new chat in two ways via the FITsociety Messenger. You can create a one-on-one chat for personal guidance, and you can invite customers to a group chat to save time and stimulate a group feeling.

In the coaching environment you can easily set schedules with exercises, rest times and repetitions per customer based on their goals and fitness level.

Yes, you can create detailed nutrition plans, including meals and macros, that meet your clients' goals.

Customers can use their or. them log workouts, nutritional intake and progress photos, which gives you as a trainer a real-time overview.