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FITsociety Fitness Software

Whether you’re just starting out as a personal trainer, online coach, bootcamp instructor or an experienced fitness professional, fitness software is essential for your business.

In the beginning, the focus may not be directly on administrative tasks, invoicing, marketing or automating business processes. These points are very important for the efficiency and growth of your company. As your business grows and you spend more time on administration, it’s a good time to think about implementing fitness software. This software can help streamline your business operations.

It’s important to choose software that is flexible and scalable so that it can grow with your business, whether you’re a starter or an experienced professional. The new FITsociety software can support you with this. The software will help you manage your business more efficiently and spend more time doing what you love most: helping people achieve their goals.

Training schedules4

What can you solve with Fitness Software?

Fitness software is an essential tool for fitness professionals, streamlining customer information management, scheduling and payments. It enables the creation of personalized training and nutrition plans and facilitates tracking of customer progress. This improves customer satisfaction and results. The software also provides crucial business insights, supports decision-making for growth and saves time by reducing administrative tasks. This allows trainers to focus more on customer service and business expansion, making fitness software an indispensable tool for efficiently running and growing a fitness business.

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Membership administration and invoicing

Efficiently managing membership administration and invoicing is crucial for the fitness and personal training industry. By using the FITsociety software, these processes can be significantly simplified, saving you time and minimizing errors. This allows you to focus on improving services and expanding your customer base. A well-organized administration provides a clear financial overview and strengthens your professionalism towards members. Effective membership administration and invoicing contributes to smooth business operations and a reliable image of your company.

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FITsociety Messenger, built into fitness software, simplifies communication between trainers and clients through one-on-one chats and group conversations. This feature is crucial for sharing tips, answering questions, and providing motivation within a supportive fitness community. It enables trainers to provide personal guidance and respond quickly to individual needs, which is essential for increasing customer satisfaction and promoting active participation. This makes the FITsociety Messenger an indispensable part of the fitness software, which contributes to a strong bond between members and trainers and helps everyone stay motivated.

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Training schedules2

Create a training schedule with fitness software

In addition to invoicing and administration and communication, you can now also purchase fitness software packages in which you can create training schedules. The most commonly used way to create training schedules is still Excel, but this is not very user-friendly. In times when customers do everything via their phone, it is not a bad idea to invest in fitness software that also allows you to create fitness schedules for customers.

Within FITsociety you can create a fitness schedule for customers, make adjustments, track progress and results and add your own fitness exercises with videos. Do you work with certain templates? Then you can create it once and save it so that you can use it again later for other customers. This way you have more time and can spend more time on the fun things about the job.

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nutrition schedules

Make a nutrition plan

Over the years, many software solutions have been released for creating nutritional plans. Many of these software packages work one-sided, namely: for creating a feeding schedule. In this way, customers only receive a schedule by email or on paper that they can then start working with. That in itself works fine and was sufficient for many dieticians and personal trainers. Nowadays you cannot avoid the fact that your customer would like to receive everything in 1 central app. That is why we have chosen in the FITsociety app that you can send the nutrition plan directly to the customer in the app. This can be a simple macro calculation, but it can also be a complete nutrition plan with a weekly menu. If customers get started with this, they only have to check off the foods in the app. If they have eaten a little more or less, this can be adjusted immediately. Just as easily, you can see everything your clients have eaten in your trainer dashboard so that you can immediately gain insight into their progress.

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Fitness software with agenda and class schedule

Do you also want to run your agenda via one platform? Then FITsociety is the right place for you! You can upload the schedule weekly in the coaching dashboard and customers can view this schedule in real time via the apps. If you have a group lesson with a limited number of participants, customers can register for this via the app. If it is a paid lesson, your customers can pay immediately via a strip card, iDEAL or creditcard. Is the class full? You can plan weekly recurring lessons in advance so that you have an up-to-date overview every week.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Fitness software is a digital tool designed to support the business operations of fitness professionals, gyms and personal trainers. It helps manage customer data, scheduling, payments, and communications.

It can help you work more efficiently by automating administrative tasks, improving customer retention through better communication, and providing insights into business performance that help make informed decisions.

It suits all sizes of businesses, from small personal training studios to large gyms.

Yes, the FITsociety software offers functionalities for creating, sharing and managing online training schedules and nutrition plans.

Yes, it allows customers to book, change or cancel classes or appointments online, which increases user-friendliness.

Through integrated communication tools and built-in chat functions, so you can communicate directly and efficiently.

Yes, you can track customer progress, including workout results, weight changes and other fitness goals.

It automates the billing process, manages recurring payments and tracks financial transactions for smooth financial administration.

Yes, the FITsociety software offers the option to use your own personalized app. This allows fitness companies to deliver a customized mobile experience to their customers.

Yes, the ability to apply your own branding, such as logos and color schemes, is an important feature of the personalized app. This ensures that the app is fully in line with your corporate identity

Satisfied customers speak for us

Stan Anneveldt

"With the FITsociety coaching platform, I quickly see how my clients train and eat and I can also coach them when I am not present next to my clients in the gym."

Bas Maas

"FITsociety enables me to get in touch with new clients and helps me to coach my clients with more insight."

Claudio Fray

"I have used quite a few coaching platforms, which makes it easy for me to say that FITsociety is indispensable for any online coach who wants to give his or her clients the best!"