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All-in-one software for personal trainers

With the new FITsociety software, you as a personal trainer are in direct contact with your clients who use the FITsociety app. FITsociety is therefore often seen as personal training software, but the FITsociety platform is more than just a piece of software.

The most complete personal training software

Many software for personal trainers often solve 1 or 2 problems. Often the software has a strong focus on administration and payments or they solve the problem for coaching.

With the new FITsociety software for PTs, we offer a complete package: coaching as well as automation of payments and more. We believe that as a personal trainer you do not want to use 2 or 3 different packages and that you therefore want 1 environment for both your customer contacts and administration.

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The all-in-one solution for you as a personal trainer

  • iOS and Android app to guide your customers
  • Nutritional schedules, including your own weekly menus
  • Training schedules, including your own exercises with videos
  • Communication via the FITsociety Messenger
  • Membership administration
  • Book and pay for lessons
  • Payments via iDeal, direct debit and strip cards
  • Progression measurements
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iOS and Android app to guide your customers

The FITsociety Coaching App, part of the personal training software, offers trainers the opportunity to take their coaching to a higher level. The app, which is available for both iOS and Android, allows trainers to personalize the app with their logo and corporate identity. It provides real-time customer performance tracking, insight into training and nutrition results, and direct communication via chat. This not only improves efficiency in coaching but also increases professionalism and customer satisfaction.

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Create nutritional plans

The FITsociety personal training software offers an environment in which you can make calorie calculations with macro distributions and in which you can create complete nutrition plans. Because customers enter their details themselves in the FITsociety app, you always have the correct information at hand. With a number of simple tools and built-in calculators you can send a calorie calculation to the customer within seconds.

In addition to making a calorie calculation, you can also create completely detailed weekly menus that the customer will see directly in the app. These weekly menus can be saved and used again later. This way you can put together a vegan menu and use it again later for another customer, where you only have to adjust the quantities.

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Create training schedules

The FITsociety software provides personal trainers with a powerful tool for creating customized training plans via the FITsociety App. This tool helps trainers develop personalized training tailored to each client’s unique goals. With access to more than 1,000 fitness exercises, trainers can easily and efficiently create and assign schedules. The app also offers options for adding your own exercises and instructional videos. All this contributes to an improved training experience and better results for customers.

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Membership administration

The FITsociety software is an all-in-one solution for personal trainers. It offers functionalities such as managing subscriptions and strip cards, integrated payments via Mollie and easy invoicing. The software increases customer engagement and supports the sale of physical products and subscriptions via the app. Furthermore, it allows collaboration with multiple coaches within one account, contributing to streamlined administration and improved customer interaction.

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Communication through the FITsociety Messenger

Communication is essential, also for personal trainers. Many of the current solutions in this area are inadequate, leaving trainers at the mercy of email or WhatsApp for communication with their clients. If the communication becomes too much, you can sometimes no longer see the forest for the trees and it is difficult to maintain an overview.

The FITsociety software has a built-in chat environment, which works exactly as you are used to from Facebook and WhatsApp. So you can decide how and when you respond to customer messages. You can chat 1 on 1 with your customers, but you can also create a group chat and pass on all messages there. In addition, you always have all the information at hand, so that you can adequately respond to customer questions.

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Class schedule: booking and payment

Being able to determine and manage your schedule is essential for your work as a PT. Especially if you teach 1-on-1 or offer group lessons. In the FITsociety dashboard you can easily enter your available hours in a digital class schedule. For each block you can indicate which lesson it concerns and what rates apply in terms of price and strips. This means that you only have to enter your schedule once and that customers can easily register for classes via the FITsociety app.

Paying with iDeal, Creditcard or Stripes is done via the app, so you don’t have to worry about that.

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Receive payments and financial reports

Many trainers are often surprised by how much administrative work is involved in running their PT business. Of course it is not something that makes you very happy, but it has to be done. In the FITsociety Coaching Dashboard we process all payments for the trainers, including one-off payments, punch cards and direct monthly debits for subscriptions.

Each payment is neatly processed in the financial dashboard where you can see what you have sold per month, per product and per customer.

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Measuring progress

Do you want to receive measurements from your customers to track their progress? Or do you want to see new photos for the shape updates? Customers can easily upload this themselves via the app and everything becomes visible in your dashboard. You can place 2 photos side by side in the dashboard so that you can compare the progress in detail.

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Frequently asked questions from Personal Trainers

FITsociety offers an integrated software solution for personal trainers, including client management, training schedules, nutrition plans, and administration.

Yes, the software is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

Certainly! Personal trainers can personalize the software with their own logo and corporate identity, which you can easily do via your own dashboard.

Yes, there is a built-in messenger for direct communication with customers.

Customers can track their training and progress data in the app.

The software includes functions for creating and managing training schedules.

Yes, the software offers tools for creating and managing nutrition plans.

Yes, it is suitable for managing multiple locations and trainers.

There is integration with various payment systems for easy financial handling.

You can try the FITsociety software completely free for 14 days! Click here to start.

Satisfied customers speak for us

Ellen Hofmans

"By using FITsociety I have an overview. Online coaching, administration and agenda for offline coaching, all in one. The quick switch when you would like to see something different in how the app works is very nice!"

Tom Dekker

"Using the app is easy and offers numerous options. More than sufficient for our business, as well as easy communication and smooth handling of problems. I recommend this to every personal trainer or online coach"

Serapis Janga

"A great app where supply and demand indeed come together. Nutrition, training schedules and live chats with clients are easy to track. Super app! Definitely recommended for trainers and athletes looking for trainers."