Fat burners: action, benefits and dangers

Fat burners: action, benefits and dangers

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Geschatte leestijd: 5 minuten One of the most well-known dietary supplements are fat burners, also called stackers or fat burners. The popularity of this supplement is due to its effect. Fat burners increase the fat burning process to burn fat and lose weight. Additionally, there are products that prevent the body from absorbing and storing extra fat. These are also sold separately under the name fat blockers. Both products can contribute when you want to lose weight or when you want to lean down.
The active ingredients in these supplements are often substances that stimulate, give energy, and increase fat burning and metabolism. Examples of these are caffeine, guarana, carnitine, ephedrine, synephrine, green tea, forskolin, 5-http, ginger, and red pepper.

Losing weight with fat burners

Every person has their own daily energy balance, consisting of energy use and energy intake. Energy use is the amount of energy the body needs to function properly and enable movement. This varies per person and per gender. The average energy requirement for moderately active men is 2500kcal (kilocalories). The energy requirement for moderately active women is 2000kcal. Energy intake refers to all the energy you get from your diet. If you consume more energy over a long period than you burn, your body weight will increase. This is called a positive energy balance. If, over the same long period, you consume less energy than you use, you will lose weight. In that case, it’s called a negative energy balance. When you want to lose weight, the goal is to achieve a negative energy balance every day. Don’t forget to consider your body fat percentage. Many people focus solely on their weight while actually aiming for a lower body fat percentage.

How fat burners and stackers work

As mentioned earlier, these supplements are a means to promote weight loss and lean training. This happens because they stimulate energy use, making it easier to achieve a negative energy balance. A stacker works as a fat burner and is a dietary supplement. Both products are widely used in the sports world.


The action of a fat-burning dietary supplement like a stacker affects the thermogenisis process, which breaks down body fat. When metabolism increases, thermogenisis occurs, and stored fat reserves are burned to provide energy for this increase in metabolism. It also prevents fat stores from increasing. An important aspect of using these supplements is still your daily diet. The major problem for many people using Stackers is that they often do not follow a healthy lifestyle. Because they don’t eat healthily and exercise, the effect of the stackers is often short-lived or not even noticeable. The so-called yo-yo effect occurs. When someone stops using the stackers, they quickly gain weight again because they still follow an unhealthy lifestyle. The healthiest way to lose weight is still through exercise and following a good diet. In combination with a dietary supplement, this is a good approach.

Buying fat burners

If, based on the above, you still want to try the effects of fat burners and buy fat burners? The range is enormous, so the reviews and ratings on products from all suppliers can help you make an informed choice:

Advantages of fat burners

Fat-burning products often contain the same active ingredients that lead to increased metabolism and reduced fat absorption. Some examples of these substances are naturally caffeine, the now banned Ephedra in the Netherlands, Green Tea extract, and Guarana. What do these substances do when they enter the body? Also read the article: which supplements do I need?


It is known that caffeine and various products containing caffeine, such as energy drinks, can have a stimulating effect and stimulate fat burning. The effect is attributed to the fact that it stimulates heart rate and increases metabolism. However, there are also disadvantages to using caffeine. Because caffeine stimulates the central nervous system, overuse can lead to overtraining.


Ephedra sinica or ma huang is now known as a basic ingredient in many ‘herbal energizers’, but has a long history as a health product. It has been used in Chinese health care for 2000 years, for example, to relieve the airways and promote metabolism. Today it is mainly used as a stimulating smart drug, as a weight loss aid, and to develop muscles more. Ephedrine stimulates the nervous system and thus provides more energy and better perception. At a higher dose, the herb causes pleasant tingling and chills mainly in the head but also in the rest of the body.

Green Tea Extract

Green tea extract is made from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis. An extract is prepared by bringing parts of a plant into contact with a solvent (water or alcohol), causing the active ingredients to dissolve in that liquid. By evaporating the solvent, a powder remains that contains a higher concentration of active ingredients than the plant itself. Green tea has a thermogenic effect, contributing to the burning of more nutrients like fats and more. By using Green Tea extract, the body consumes more energy, and fat oxidation increases. Green tea does not have the harmful effects that other thermogenic substances have, such as ephedrine from the ephedra plant. It is always advisable to change your diet and exercise levels for an even better and faster result.


Guarana (Paulinnia cupana) originated in South America, specifically in Brazil, where it was mainly used by tribes of Indians who used it as an extra stimulation of the senses during hunting. Guarana was mainly used in water or bread where it was dissolved. It is 4 times stronger than coffee and is absorbed more evenly and gradually in the body than ordinary caffeine from, for example, coffee. Guarana has the same properties as coffee: it can give an energy boost and provide more energy and endurance. Additionally, it can delay and reduce the need for sleep. The effect of guarana can increase when used together with other stimulating agents such as caffeine and taurine.

The effect on your body

There is some confusion about the use and effect of dietary supplements such as stackers and their effect on the fat burning process of the human body. There is little scientific evidence that these products actually contribute to fat burning or that the results are achieved by the increased activity and perseverance provided by these substances. Many of the substances known to harm the human body are banned. Additionally, there is a chance that your body will become accustomed to these substances, reducing their effectiveness over time.

Are fat burners dangerous

All fat burners available in the Netherlands have been tested and approved by the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority. However, this does not necessarily mean that all fat-burning supplements are safe. The supplements do not contain prohibited substances, and the permitted substances are offered in the allowed quantities. However, if these quantities are exceeded by the user because they do not follow the instructions for use, fat burners can indeed be unsafe. Additionally, there are different guidelines per country, and supplements from Belgium or Germany may be subject to different rules. Therefore, stick to Dutch supplements and do not exceed the recommended amount. Also read the article: Iomax pills banned due to speed

Are stackers safe

In addition to fat burners, stackers can also be dangerous if used by the user in too high a dosage. This can lead to serious side effects such as palpitations, restlessness, anxiety attacks, and panic attacks. Therefore, also adhere to the instructions for using stackers. Additionally, both stackers and fat burners can be addictive. If you achieve your goals with these supplements and lose weight, you may no longer want to train without these supplements. It is essential to realize that a stacker is a temporary aid to achieve your goal, but that a larger part is determined by your diet.

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